About Bookkeeping For Painters

Bookkeeping For Painters was founded in 2016 by Daniel and Melissa Honan, painting business owners who knew how frustrating financial services can be.

Passionate about using their extensive accounting and customer service experience to support painting business owners in their journey towards growth, Daniel & Melissa's goal was to elevate the client experience.

Over the years, Bookkeeping For Painters has been built on solid client relationships and the industry-specific knowledge that painting business owners need. Unique processes that make the bookkeeping & tax side easier for owners have led to sustained growth and savings for Bookkeeping For Painters clients.

Today, we at Bookkeeping For Painters ask that painting business owners raise their expectations, and we rise to the challenge! Each of us has a genuine desire to work with you to make your life easier and your business thrive.

Our Commitment

We are the industry leader when it comes to specialized bookkeeping and tax solutions for painting business owners.

Each and every one of our team members has joined Bookkeeping For Painters out of a genuine desire to work with painting business owners to make their lives easier, more productive, and more profitable! We aren't just a team of bookkeepers and advisers - we're your partners in business and we're here to help you succeed.


Daniel Honan, EA


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Morgan Ray



Melissa Honan

Chief Executive Officer


Holly Crabtree

Account Specialist


Hanna Ford

Account Specialist


Jeni Ray

Tax Specialist


Rachel Eldredge, EA

Bookkeeping & Tax Specialist


Carrie Lueck

Bookkeeping Specialist


Heather Linne-Speidel

Bookkeeping Specialist


Abby Ferraro

Bookkeeping Specialist


Trish Vannatta

Bookkeeping Specialist


At Bookkeeping For Painters, we're committed to providing unparalleled quality when it comes to every aspect of our services. Because of this, it is extremely important to us that we pay our employees a living wage. We believe that by paying our employees well, we lay down a foundation of mutual respect. Paired with a work environment that not only promotes but insists on, a work-life balance, this creates happy team members that are committed to our clients.We have an extensive internal training program that allows all of our team members to continue their education well beyond the basics. This allows us to attract and retain top-notch talent so that we can always provide an unmatched level of services. You can rest assured that we are not a corporate robot bookkeeping farm. We are real people that take care of our team so that they can focus on taking care of you.


At Bookkeeping For Painters, we're committed to protecting you and your data above and beyond standard protocol. Every member of our team has passed a comprehensive background check and has gone through a rigorous internal screening process. Additionally, we utilize two-step authentication whenever possible and all of our programs use bank-level encryption for ultimate security.

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